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How Valuable is Your Data?

How important do you value the content (data) of your computer if you are a home user or a business? What would happen if you had major issues with your computer one day? Well, to be honest, we think that it will not happen to us, well if you have a computer and use it every day either for your business or personal use then the reality is that it can happen to you!

CT Glasgow has first-hand experience when clients call and are all worried about their important data on a desktop/laptop that they cannot access anymore due to malware or errors in the operating system and the computer fails to boot and we learned from award-winning North Lakes Computer Repair Company. Well, our job is to make the client comfortable and reassure them all is not lost as long as the hard drive has not failed. If the hard drive fails then the data can be recovered but it would be a long and a lot more expensive data recovery solution.

Well we come to the point where we have to mention the importance of having a backup if you run a business it is very important that you backup your data and specifically your customer details as a loss of customer information could have fatal consequences for the future of your business. Not saying that your hard drive will fail but they do fail given time, will this happen to you well we cannot wait and let it happen, we want to have procedures in place so that if it does happen to us then we know how we can recover from it. If you would like help to put a backup solution in place then please contact CT Glasgow and we can advise you of an appropriate solution.

As if you are a home user then you might not consider a backup is important but what would happen if you have spent hours on downloading your favourite videos, music, games and photos and then just in an instant you cannot access your computer/laptop anymore.

Well to be honest you would still be able to get on with your life without the loss unlike if you were a business but still you do not want to lose any data you have spent hours on gathering. So if you are a home user and would like more advice on putting a backup solution in place then please contact CT Glasgow.

Our first question to the clients is do you back up your data and most of the time the answer is no, or we have not done it for a few months.

No problem we all have busy life’s and from time to time forget to do things like backup, until something goes wrong and we are like, why did I not back it up for months now! Well most of time things go wrong when you forgot to back up or least expect them to and while you were doing the backup nothing went wrong, it always happens a bit like extended warranties as soon as the warranty expires something goes wrong with the equipment it seems like the product was waiting for the warranty to expire or your computer was waiting for you to miss the backup.

data back up
data back up

Well if you have been backing up brilliant CT Glasgow can get to work on your equipment straight away and resolve the problem. As if you used to back up and have missed a few months or do not back up at all then what CT Glasgow will do is create an image of your hard drive with your permission which is valid for 10 days. So that if for any reason you lost any data while it being fixed then we will always have a copy of it from the image. Also if we could not recover the system and a reinstall was the only solution then we would have recovered the data, files, photos, videos etc, by creating an image of your hard drive.

Most of the time the image information is never required because CT Glasgow will try everything possible to recover your system and put it back to the way it was when it was working. We only ever do a reinstall when all else fails that is only done as a last resort and we remove malware rather doing a reinstall which is what most other places will do without even trying to remove it, the reason being if they had removed it then it would just come back on to the machine again in the near future, well to be honest that is not true because all the computers/laptops that CT Glasgow has worked with and removed malware over the last year not a single one has been infected again.


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