The convergence of home automation

How many “set-top boxes’ you? Are you the proud owner of a single box that provides your mood, or do you have a steep and” threatens at any moment rush ‘pile of hardware, your living room look like a discount Tech Warehouse makes? The convergence of home technology is the subject of much debate – how integrated is our home, what we can do without that we could not even think of living standards without

But building technology convergence not only? to home entertainment systems, you talk to your PC, Xbox streaming films and programs. from your computer to your TV or even switching to VoIP for your phone Home technology convergence covers a variety of applications throughout the house – from automated garage doors and light switches from your iPhone up to the fridge, which you know is activated when you need more milk

Home media servers allow. Integrate your whole system into a DLNA network, so that you can use on your desktop PC to Home ‘hub’ for all technological. The latest televisions are not only HD and 3D ready – they are also willing to back you address with your computer, negating the need for cables and networking through your Wi-Fi network or Bluetooth technology. The computer takes its rightful place at the heart of the technological home. Now it is not only the focal point for downloading data from the Internet or for the children to do their homework. It literally become “part of one family.”

The “black box” fallacy

Despite the leaps and bounds made in home technology, we are still a long way from a “black box” situation, where the home of the entire tech by a central point, or “black box” is controlled. Although many have tried to develop this, and despite the importance of the home computer as a control panel from which. An orchestra of home technology, the conduct next we will probably come to any kind of multi-tasking central control to the “Universal Remote Control” These are handy little gadgets that negate the need for a collection of remote controls for the TV / Sky box / surround sound system / DVD player (not applicable) and give you all the couch-control you need in one, handy remote. Although only with a remote control, which means that it is easier to lose on the back of the sofa, which seems to be its only real drawback.

Slowly but surely, we will begin to see how all of this modern technology fits together to create the ultimate “smart house” to form. While voice activated light switch is still a bit of a novelty, it shows that we are beginning to understand how the convergence of building services at all levels could our lives a lot easier. It is possible to have a “smart house” where everything works to build a central computer (from the heater to the sub-woofer levels on hi-fi). But for the majority of people who develop a smart house based on technological convergence, is a case of assembling a jigsaw of available and affordable technology over time.

The Real World

The reality is much more organic. Slowly, piece by piece, our homes are more and more integrated. The introduction of smart technology and WiFi in particular has been the place to see real convergence situation ultimately the building blocks to want to achieve their goal. WiFi is probably one of the most important developments in the year, so that an entire house can be a major channel for the movement of digital data from different sources to different outlets.

The vendors to catch up. While once utilities provided a service such as your landline phone, they now embrace the concept of multi-channel marketing. Multi-play describes the provision of various telecommunications services such as telephone, mobile services, broadband Internet access and television bundled into one package. It might seem like customer convenience, but it is really an aspect of present home convergence technologies. DLNA communication between PCs and digital media such as TV or gaming is another aspect, all the link to find and connect with the WiFi foundations in most modern homes.

Finally, the convenience of a ‘black box’ system will be too tempting to resist for a society that is increasingly obsessed with tech. Some bright spark develop a clever algorithm that single to all your Home Tech to draw, easy to manage and aesthetically “home hub”. Indeed, the term is already used by some providers of telephony, broadband and digital media packets, and it is certain that we increasingly complex binary networks in our homes develop, in our daily lives Haustechnik slot in its assigned place wants. Convergence is the future home closer than we think


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